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Wakanda 4.0 is a Mauritius based company specialised in the business development of modern technologies in Africa. W4.0 strongly believes that modern technologies will change the way we live and work. Our team consists of professionals from different sectors including Blockchain, Finance, Banking, Technology, Fintech, Marketing, Communication, Legal, Accounting and Journalism. W4.0 dreams of a Smart Africa where there is no poverty and no famine, Africa is at the heart of W4.0.

  • Benito is a seasoned professional, with a long-standing record spanning over several years in the banking and financial services sectors.

    After graduating with a Bachelor degree in Banking and International Finance from the University of Technology, Mauritius, he completed his MBA with specialization in Financial Services at the University of Mauritius.

    Benito is very passionate about modern technologies and its application in business activities and has, since 2017, joined the Fintech industry. He is a good-hearted and easy going person who is professionally committed to making his clients' experience enjoyable.

  • Shaheen, being a young, dynamic and friendly person has joined WAKANDA 4.0 as Administrative and Sales Officer in February 2021. Having completed an internship in the Audit and Assurance Department at Grant Thornton Ltd in 2019, she joined Digital Associated Corporate Services Limited as Client Relationship Officer till January 2021.

    Being a tech-oriented individual and having always been passionate about the tech world, Shaheen has embarked on this career path to discover and experience new technologies and the FinTech industry throughout her professional journey.

    As such, Shaheen is envisaging to broaden her knowledge further in this field and build on her talent and skills by pursuing her studies in Tech among others. She is also now one of the 24 active Global Ambassadors from Mauritius who are making history by helping to unite for the first time, 100,000 women in tech virtually at the WomenTech Global Conference. Shaheen has recently joined the Africa Emerging Tech Hub and is proud to be part of its first 100 members.

  • James is the CEO of Ducorp, a family investment company focused on investing in, and operating a suite of modern businesses. He has a passion for building and commercializing businesses that has defined his professional path over the past decade. He has advised several ventures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field since early 2014. James currently sits on the board of directors of Sutton Stone Macau (Macau) and Cernol Holdings (Mauritius), and is an advisor to the Blockchain Climate Institute (UK) and Phi Gaming (USA). In 2017, he founded the Mauritius Blockchain Meetup which is today the largest blockchain networking group in Mauritius.

    James holds qualifications in aeronautical engineering, law and finance and was formerly the Managing Partner of Sutton Stone, LLC (2014-2019); Honorary Representative of the Board of Investment in the USA, the Republic of Mauritius (2016 - 2018); Chief Operating Officer of Crowd Machine Inc.; Chief Blockchain Officer at GLN Holdings Inc.; Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Terraledger, Inc. (Volt Markets); Board Member of the Texas Coinitiative; Director at 21 Capital Pty Ltd; Director at Citilight Group; Divisional General Manager and Lawyer at the Ian Malouf Group of Companies; Advisor at SALT Lending, Inc, Cashaa Holdings, Ltd and Spectiv, LLC.

Business Development

Consultancy Services


Conference Organisation


The core business of W4.0 is to bring modern technologies to the doorstep of Africa. W4.0 will maximise business development through its existing distribution and representatives’ network throughout Africa. Our Team has devised a marketing and communication strategy to effectively promote the services and technologies of our Global Partners.


The company provides consultancy services in these specialized areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Fintech
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Realities
  • Financial Services and more.
  • Use of modern technologies for different sectors e.g Education, Tourism, Financial Services, Banking and more
  • New Business Ideas using modern technologies
  • Setting up of company in Mauritius and other African jurisdictions
  • Raising of funds through Tokenisation (W4.0 is a close collaborator of a Switzerland Compliant Tokenisation Platform)
  • Digital KYC platform
  • Provide assistance to file RSL (Regulatory Sandbox License) applications


At W4.0, we believe that Blockchain, AI and other modern techs are still at the buzzword level. Not much has so far been done to apply these technologies to business activities in Africa. W4.0 aims to bridge this gap by organizing training sessions throughout Africa to educate and share knowledge on how to apply and benefit from these technologies.


W4.0 organizes conferences in different fields throughout Africa with high calibre speakers from around the world.


W4.0 in collaboration with XTM Mirror offers 3D Holographic Display Advertising services at multiple locations within Mauritius. It is a new and innovative way of advertising.

  • As a client of Wakanda 4.0 they gave me a sense of satisfaction, pleasure, and enthusiasm! I look forward to future projects with the organization and I’d like to thank the Wakanda team for their support, coaching, and attention throughout my client experience.

    Mohammad Parwez Nunnoo| CEO

    Althamin International DMCC